What Is Web Design: An Introduction to the Basics

Now that screens are better optimized for typography with serifs, they’ve made a comeback. A common mistake of new designers is to mix up serif and non-serif fonts. You can tell them apart because the ends of serif letters have an extra line or stroke added vertically or horizontally. Having a couple posts written before you launch will save scrambling to write something after the fact. A knowledge of product design, illustration, and even branding can further develop your creative senses. Typewolf is an excellent resource to keep tabs on popular fonts.

  • To help keep their server infrastructure secure, they incorporate an artificial intelligence anti-bot to continuously scan for malware and block brute force attacks.
  • If your website includes a hefty amount of content, you’ll probably opt for a multi-page site.
  • Additionally, it’s a good idea to include some social proof on the About page to cement your credibility.
  • It’s the first thing people are drawn to when landing on the site (read up on website navigation best practices).
  • The next step is to decide the purpose of your site.You can choose between Blog, Store, Business website, or Portfolio site/Resume.

These services typically offer a premium tier that grants more hosting flexibility. For example,’s $8 per month premium package removes the company’s branding and gives you the ability to connect your site to an externally purchased domain. Depending on the hosting service, you may need to download the CMS and upload it to your own hosted platform if you wish to use a domain you purchased elsewhere.


It’s very flexible but also easy to use whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned designer. It has lots of resources, including customizable templates suited to various niches and plenty of how-to articles to how to design a website help you. Domains and Hosting — Building the site is only part of the puzzle; you need to publish it too. Acquiring a suitable domain is one of the first things many businesses do, so perhaps you have one already.

How to Make a Website Design is a self-hosted, open-source CMS (content management system) – but all you really need to know is that it’s the most popular platform for designing a website. If you thought you wouldn’t be learning about architecture in this guide, we’re afraid you’re sadly mistaken. Brutalist web design takes its inspiration from mid-twentieth century building construction, and although many people see it as ugly, it just works.


The average website user will read about 20% of the text on any given page, so it’s crucial to entice them with an appropriate vibe. Most brands have one dominant color, then two or three secondary colors. Blue is the most popular color, with one-third of the top 100 brands using it in their logo.

How to Make a Website Design

This is especially beneficial if you are a one-person operation or have limited funds to hire someone else to handle it. Tidio is excellent for fielding pre-sale questions, setting up a support ticketing system, or conversing with your site’s visitors. One of the most immediate ways to improve WordPress with AI is by using it to improve your website’s text content. There is a lot of AI writing software out there, including Jasper, but few have the ability to improve your copy automatically within WordPress like Divi AI can.

For example, it’s a great place for you to add your contact information, social media buttons, or an email sign up form. Think of your website as an online persona – everything from the written content to the colors and fonts you use should reflect who you are or what your brand identity is. Websites with a customized domain are automatically perceived by internet users as more professional and trustworthy. Of these designs, you can pick between a multi-page template and a single-page one. If your website includes a hefty amount of content, you’ll probably opt for a multi-page site. However, with less content to display, you may want to go for a one-page website.

How to Make a Website Design

If you want more design freedom, choose from hundreds of templates or even start from scratch and drag and drop the website design features you need in the Wix Editor. However, you can check alternative service providers based on your specific needs. Website builders include customizable templates for adding your texts and images, and many take care of domain registration and hosting too.

For this reason, we’d recommend that people who are building their own site stick to website builders and ecommerce platforms. Once you’ve decided on your pages, it’s time to start adding them to your website. For this, you’ll also need to set up a navigation system for your site.

One good practice for designing the homepage is to focus on the unique selling proposition (USP) or a message that communicates what makes your business unique. This tip is handy for new companies or emerging brands in a competitive market. Once you have customized the color scheme and fonts, continue to the next section. Additionally, it’s good to incorporate a neutral color for the background and text elements to maintain readability. After picking a dominant color, pick several additional colors to complement it. Once you have installed a website theme, move on to the next step – customizing the design.

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